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Justin Prayed for Salvation

 Fall 2011

 I am writing to let you know a little more about Justin.  He came to me, as many had, to tell me that your ways of evangelization are wrong.  He also told me that he was not a Christian although he had in the past attended church. 

However, he was not hard like the others – God had been working on him as I came to find out as he shared about his life.  He realized in a physiology course last year that if babies are inclined to respond to parents, then we also to God.  With this he went to a church service last year; no one spoke with him.  Yet he felt someoneGunner else – God.  Our coming to campus seems to have triggered something. 

Latter in the discussion he said something of the following, “I now seem to be conscious of God’s working.”

Furthermore, he came around to acknowledge the sinfulness of the sins that so many were seeking to defend.  Clearly God was working. 

With this I pressed him with the question, “Was God putting his finger on something in his life”? 

Although he did not verbally admit this; it was clear that God was doing exactly this.  After some hesitation he prayed with his baseball cap removed.  Although one cannot be certain about salvation, I wanted you to know a little of what God was doing during the Oshkosh visit.  I find it wonderful that a “protester” came to pray. 

Isn’t God marvelous?     

Gunner, campus minister who joined us in Wisconsin



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