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Broken Heart of God May 2, 2000 AUDIO

{mp3}JedSmock_Broken_Heart_of_God_May 2_2000{/MP3}

Who Will Rise Up? AUDIO

Romans Chapter 6 January 14, 1993 AUDIO

Atonement September 26, 1999 AUDIO


Rise Up O Men of God May 1999 AUDIO


Is There Not a Cause? AUDIO


Romans Chapters 7 & 8 July 27, 1982 AUDIO


Faith Which Works AUDIO


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The Four Questions

  • Origin? Meaning? Morals? Destiny?

    The Four Questions What is the origin of life? What is the meaning of life? What is the source of morality? What is our destiny?  Daily on campus we tell the students that any religion or philosophy has to answer the questions of origin, meaning, morals...



Word From Bro. Jed

  • The ERA of TRUMP

      We are about to embark on the Era of Trump, where profit is no longer a dirty word,Where America will be rebuilt bigger and better than ever,A time when big businesses flourish and governments...