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Brother Mikhail Reaches NKU Girl

Hello Mikhail ,

I saw your testimony and speech at northern Kentucky university . I want to say I appreciate all that you do and believe you arebrother mikhail russian street preacher someone special to look up to. Thank you for reaching out to my life. You may not know this but you did and I am wanting to repent and have Jesus save me from my sins. If you have any advice on going about this process please let me know and share your wisdom.

God bless you Mikhail


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The Four Questions

  • Origin? Meaning? Morals? Destiny?

    The Four Questions What is the origin of life? What is the meaning of life? What is the source of morality? What is our destiny?  Daily on campus we tell the students that any religion or philosophy has to answer the questions of origin, meaning, morals...



Word From Bro. Jed

  • "Bucking Bronco"

    Bret Hume described President Trump as a "bucking bronco" in tonight's debate. The old dude, Joe, could not ride Trump, No one can stay on bronco Trump. No, not Chris Wallace for sure.   The cowgirl,...