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Sister Cindy

I count it a privilege to be able to travel with my husband, Bro. Jed and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ Sister Cindy Smock-The Tampon Ladywith the students of America. If you are not a Christian, I pray that you will seek the face of the Lord before it is too late.  If you are a believer, please pray for us.

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Why the tampon tree? Read below:





From Disco Queen To Gospel Preacher

"REPENT OF YOUR SINS, YOU WICKED WOMAN," I commanded, pointing at the silly girl who stood in the crowd laughing hysterically as I preached. I never imagined that six years later this girl would become my wife.

Cindy Lasseter was a typical college sophomore when she first heard me preach in December 1977. At the University as a naive freshman and, without any discipline or guidance, she soon fit into the scene of decadence and liberalism. Brother Max and I labeled Cindy, the Disco Queen, because she was fanatical about dancing and had completed both a twelve-hour and thirty-hour dance-a-thon. She frequented the discos weekly.

After I rebuked her, Cindy brought her friends out regularly to listen to Brother Max and me preach the Gospel. They claimed no intention of wanting salvation. To them it was just good entertainment. When I moved on to the next campus, Cindy continued in her sins. As she now reveals, a student did not have to look very far to get involved in sin at the University of Florida!


Sister Cindy Exposes The University of Florida 

"Beer on tap was sold in at least two places on campus and we could purchase the drinks with our meal tickets. It was unheard of to have a dorm or fraternity party without a keg of beer. Wine and liquor were also commonly used on campus. Students often held what they called 'Bourbon Street Night.' On that evening one hall in the dorm building would become a bar and the residents of each room would serve a different kind of mixed drink. Is it any wonder that both local and national media claim a major problem at UF is alcoholism? The Word says: 'They rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink, and continue until wine inflames them'" (Isaiah 5:11).

"Liquor was not the only tool that UF students used to escape reality. Marijuana, quaaludes, cocaine and other drugs were common. Students often attended class under the influence of these drugs and many were used openly on campus lawns. I had a friend who grew marijuana in her dorm room.

"Sexual immorality was the norm for most and the number-one sin on campus. The dormitory policies made such practices easy. My building was allowed 24-hour visitation by either sex and all students had the freedom to come and go at any hour. Men and women spent weekends together in the dorm rooms and several times I discovered a resident and her boyfriend taking a shower together in the bathrooms. One prominent woman in Gainsville rightfully labeled the women's dorm, `Whorehouses.' In God's Word we read: 'Wherefore, God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections; for even the women did exchange the natural use for that which is against nature' (Romans 1:24, 26). My building housed 25 women and six of them were professing lesbians.

"Much of the classroom instruction encouraged this immoral behavior. The 'Human Sexuality' courses were the first to fill during registration. In this class many hours were spent discussing personal sexual encounters. Other times `sexologists' lectured on their perverted ideas. They told us that 'premarital sex,' either heterosexual or homosexual, was natural and healthy and that it is perverse and abnormal to resist such desires. The first homework assignment in many of the 'Human Sexuality' classes was to go home, take a mirror and examine our private parts.

"Lust was often the subject in other classes, too. In my speech class a young man chose to talk on streaking. To demonstrate the 'fad' during his speech, three of his fraternity brothers entered the room wearing nothing but tennis shoes. Our female professor laughed the loudest. Also, I had a journalism lab professor who informed the whole class that he was a 'leg man.' He constantly made vulgar remarks with sexual connotations to the female students. Another one of my journalism professors admitted to the class that he was 'a dirty old man,' and frequently made lewd remarks in his lectures. A third professor, in the history department, propositioned me in his office one day. I am sure there were some fine upstanding Christian professors at the University of Florida, but in three years, I never met one.

"The university infirmary was well-equipped to prepare the students for this lasciviousness. There, all the birth control methods were readily made available. The infirmary also gave pregnancy tests and treated patients with venereal diseases and other such consequences of promiscuity. If a student was found to be with child, she was transferred to an abortion clinic a few blocks off campus. At the clinic, 40-70 unborn babies were murdered each week. Many of the patients were university students."


Just a Little Kiss?

Cindy was a junior majoring in journalism and working for the student newspaper when I returned to campus the next year. I quickly noticed her in the crowd but she did not seem to be mocking this time. Later in the week Cindy asked me, "Brother Jed, can I take you out to dinner?"

"No," I answered, "but I will take you. First go home and put on some modest clothes." She was wearing a pair of tight, Sassoon jeans.

When Cindy returned wearing a modest skirt, I took her out for a steak dinner. I preached to her the whole time and she seemed open to the things of the Lord. She accompanied me to a revival service that evening but she refused to repent of her sins and commit her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Convinced that Cindy was ripe for salvation, I invited her to the revival meeting the next night. When I brought her home, we stopped in the parking lot to pray before I walked her to the door.

After our prayer Cindy asked, "Brother Jed, I've heard you say on campus that you haven't kissed a woman in six years. Is that true?"

"Yes, that's correct, Cindy."

"Why, what's wrong with a little kiss?"

"It's not the matter of a little kiss; kisses are important. You don't go around just kissing anyone. The Apostle Paul said, 'It's good for a man not to touch a woman, nevertheless. to avoid fornication let every man have his own wife and let every wife have her own husband.' Cindy the next woman I kiss will be my bride on my wedding day."

"He's a tough case," Cindy thought to herself as we were both quiet for a minute.

"Why did you ask me that, did you want to kiss me?" I inquired.


After Cindy confessed her seductive intentions, I dropped her at the dorm, IMMEDIATELY. Having hidden the Word of God in my heart, I was able to resist the temptation. Proverbs 22:14 says, "The mouth of a strange woman is a deep pit."

However, I did take her to church the next day and that afternoon we visited a dear Christian couple, Sid and Ellie Green. They made a good impression on Cindy but she still refused to repent. Even so, the Holy Spirit continued to work on her heart.

Cindy describes what happened when she returned to her dorm room:

"When I got back to my room that afternoon I began to think and cry and to cry and think. I thought about all the divorce in my family and how much sorrow it had brought. Then I recalled the Greens and all the love I had seen in their relationship. Could God have made all the difference? Was JESUS the Truth? What is the Truth? The girls in my hall from the Church of Christ said that water baptism was the Truth. The Hare Krishnas and other eastern religionists said that they knew the Truth. Why did I need the Truth anyway? After all, I was happy. I had found a career that I enjoyed and I had a reasonably secure future. I excelled in dancing. Women in my dorm had told me that they envied my talents. Yes, the devil had fabricated a happiness for me but deep inside I knew something was missing. Could this JESUS that Jed Smock kept preaching about be the way to happiness? If what he's preaching is the Truth, I thought, I want it. Then I continued to cry."


Conviction and Conversion

That evening I called Cindy and asked her how she was doing.

"Terrible, I've been crying all day and it's all your fault."

"It's not my fault, Cindy, it is the Holy Spirit convicting you of your sins. God woke me up early this morning and told me to pray for your conversion because he has a great work for you to do."

"I'm not getting saved," she answered and hung up the phone.

But the next day Cindy was back on campus listening to us preach. Late in the afternoon Brother Max, "Holy Hubert" Lindsey and I were going over to the Krystal Hamburger Restaurant and I invited Cindy to go along. While we were eating, Brother Max asked her why she was not a Christian.

"I just don't have any faith," she replied.

The fact is her mind had been blinded to the truth by the lies of the evolutionists, socialists, humanists and perverts of the university system.

Brother Max suggested that Cindy pray for faith and she agreed. The four of us went outside, held hands and began to pray. I led Cindy in a sinner's prayer of repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ.

On New Year's Day I baptized her in the Gulf of Mexico. Soon afterwards the words "GO YE AND PREACH" came to Cindy in a vision. But she returned to school, continued her job with the newspaper and almost forgot the incident. At school Cindy continued to seek God with her whole heart. She describes in her own words how God made her call to preach clear:


Called to Preach

"I desired to know God better every day. One night as I read the Gospel of Luke, I asked JESUS if there was anything else He would have me read. Instantly, he said, 'II Timothy 4:2.' Unfamiliar with the scripture, I turned the pages of my Bible once and it fell open to that passage. 'Preach the word . . .' Afraid to read further, I snapped my Bible shut. A rush of power shot through my heart and I almost fainted. A few minutes later I read the rest of the scripture, 'Preach the word; be diligent in season, out of season: reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.' I knew God had called me to preach."

At the time, Cindy was top reporter for the student newspaper. She had been interviewed by the state's leading newspapers and seemed to have a promising career in journalism--but God had other plans for her. He soon led her to quit working for the newspaper and put her in The Campus Ministry.

She recalls:

"The second week in February I was fasting and received my first sermon from Isaiah 55. God told me to go out on the 'Plaza of the Americas' at the University of Florida and deliver the message to the students. So two and one-half months after Jesus saved me, I entered the battlefield with these words, 'Ho, everyone that thirsteth, come to the waters, and he that hath no money; come, buy and eat; yea, come buy wine and milk without money and without price . . .'(Isaiah 55:1). My preaching was quite a shock and a wonderful testimony to the student body, especially to Brother Jed's regular mockers who knew me as a fellow heckler at the very spot where a few months earlier I had mocked God's Word. Now I was a new creature. Old things had passed away. Behold, all things had become new.

"I began going out regularly witnessing and preaching to the students. Day after day the Holy Spirit would remind me of John 4:35, 'Say not ye, There are yet four months and then cometh the Harvest? Behold I say unto you, Lift up your eyes and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest."

"In May, God called me to quit school and begin harvesting the college and university campuses.


Cindy Joins the Destroyers

That month Cindy joined Brother Max and me in Ohio. She got initiated into The Campus Ministry at Bowling Green State University. The three of us had been preaching on campus all week and had been holding nightly meetings in a local church. Sunday was our last day in the city and we rarely go on campus on Sundays. But when we were coming back from lunch after church, Cindy looked at the campus and saw a crowd of students lying in the sun near a pond. The girls were lying out in their bikini bathing suits and the boys were next to them in cutoffs. The Lord spoke to her heart telling her to preach to those students. She put on her hat, grabbed her Bible and marched over to the pond.

The Lord told Cindy what to say to get their attention: "Hearken unto the word of God. I've got a message for you people from God: GET YOUR CLOTHES ON! Not only are you physically naked but more important your hearts are naked. God can see right into your evil hearts and they are an abomination in his sight. Unless you repent of your sins and believe in Jesus, you're never going to be happy in this life or the life hereafter."

That got their attention. They jumped up from their towels and blankets and others came out of their dorm rooms and gathered around. Before long Cindy was preaching to a crowd of 150. After about 15 minutes the police came up and suggested Cindy leave.

"Why? Don't I have freedom of speech?" she asked.

"Yes, but we have gotten about six phone calls that they're going to throw you in that pond if you don't stop preaching. We just want you to know that we won't give you any protection," a policeman answered.

Despite the threat, Cindy continued speaking. Suddenly four boys grabbed her, swung her three times and threw her unto the pond. That little bit of water could not put out the Holy Spirit Fire! Cindy leaped from that pond covered with mud and soaked in water and continued to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Later, one student said, "That sure was powerful--you coming out of that pond like that."

"Well, I serve a powerful God!" Cindy exclaimed.

When she returned and told me the whole story, I decided to go preach to that gang of rebels. By now they were back in their dorms. I shouted up to their windows, "You sissies and pansies who threw an innocent woman into the pond, come out here and listen to the Word of God."

They flooded out of their rooms and surrounded me. After a few minutes of preaching they tried to throw me into the pond but a girl came up and insisted they stop.

Meanwhile, Cindy was witnessing to one who had been a constant heckler that week. He accepted her invitation to church and at the end of the service he went to the altar confessing his sins and calling upon the name of the Lord. The pastor remarked that he was going to take Cindy and throw her in the pond several times a day to bring in some more lost souls!

This was the beginning of the great plans that God had for Cindy--a ministry that would shake the university campuses of America. That fall she started preaching on campuses in the Midwest and in the winter she preached across the southern states from Florida to California. I rejoiced at the way this 20-year old girl fearlessly entered strange cities and single-handedly invaded campus after campus. Cindy was faithful about preaching at least four days a week, several hours a day. In four years she ministered on 85 universities in 25 states.

Some of the impact of Cindy's ministry is revealed in a Humboldt State University student's account of her visit to his California campus. The following paper is just one of many that has been written and submitted to professors about our ministry:


The Miraculous Sister Cindy

"What an absolutely incredible, righteously wonderful thing to do

--stand up and hit 'em with both barrels, to boldly and forthrightly deliver the Gospel message to a sick and ailing bunch of losers. With no punches pulled, not the watered-down Christian type of sermonizing we've all heard before; yes, 'hell-fire and damnation,' but with the archer's arrow striking home. Sister Cindy preached salvation for four-and-a-half hours straight in the most truthful and moving way I have ever heard. Such truth coming from the mouth of a moral and virtuous woman was a delight to my ears. She is a gift from God, truly a jewel amongst the broken fragments of humanity. I could scarcely believe my eyes and ears as I walked up to the jeering and laughing crowd at the Art Center square Thursday, May 19, 1983. She came unto the so-called educated and they knew her not.

"I was walking up to Founders Hall when I heard the commotion coming from the Art Center. To my surprise a young lady dressed in a brown skirt, white blouse and a light brown hat was preaching repentance and salvation to a crowd of unbelievers. A majority of them were making fun of her and a few individuals were vehemently trying to dispute her and upset her but all attempts were to no avail. Cindy's delivery was so sure and true that all her tormentors appeared to be nothing but a pack of fools. Fools is only a beginning description of the crowd. When Cindy Lasseter hit those students with the truth and told them exactly what they are, they proved it beyond a shadow of doubt by their reactions. They behaved like animals. I guess you can't expect much more from people when you consider that college teaches them 'we are animals.'

"Miss Lasseter's flare for speaking, her animated and humorous personality and her innocent childlike demeanor came through to reach everyone present that day, sinners and saved alike. To me, she reached the very core of my soul, and made my spirit sing; to others she inflamed their hatred, resentment or rebellion. The crowd was having their fun through mimicry--more and more as the day wore on; but her courage will always be impressed upon my memory.

"Webster's New World Dictionary (Second College Edition 1970) defines the word `fornication' as: `voluntary sexual intercourse, generally forbidden by law, between an unmarried man and woman; and the word `whore': `any woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse,' and the word `whoremonger': `a man who fornicates or associates with whores.' Today in our society there are no laws governing morality; anything goes; but God's laws coincide with Webster's Dictionary.

"Well, there you have it. So all `hell' broke loose when Sister Cindy pointed the finger and accused those who engaged in casual sexual intercourse, and those who are living together unmarried of whoring and whoremongering. `You whores and whoremongers, unless you repent and turn from your ways, you are headed for hell. The reason you don't repent is because you love your wicked ways,' she said hitting the students right where they live.

"Cindy Lasseter was giving those lost individuals a chance to look at themselves, but they scorned her, streaked naked in front of her, tried to out-shout her, tried to woo her into accepting a rose in the name of peace and love (phony), and even tried to physically pull her down off the little cement water fountain structure that she was speaking from. But Sister Cindy's spirit was indomitable. All the charades of silly people masquerading in reaction to the Word of God could not shake the Holy Spirit or that dear Saint, Cindy Lasseter. All those clowns of Satan trying to steal the show failed miserably' they fell away to the left, they fell away to the right, and those trying to upstage her in front faded in her brightness; for you see, the one in the center spotlight, Cindy, was the greatest of all; none of her competition could hold a candle to her: Cindy's brightness out-shown them all.

"She came with love and concern but none the less with a sword for the lost sinners that day. Oh, she wielded that sword majestically, not once faltering or missing a cue all afternoon. Did they receive her? Some believed that she was a theater arts major giving a performance. They didn't know what she was saying, or realized that the message behind Cindy's theatrics was deadly serious. They didn't know what they were doing, they came to destroy, and to cut her down, but I think she secretly won the hearts of many. I seriously doubt that there ever has been a person at Humboldt State University who has moved an audience to the depth of their emotions. Quite an attraction Cindy was. Rolls of film were shot; there was non-stop video tape coverage, and even the local TV station captured this little miracle worker in action.

"The negative reaction to Cindy has pained my heart, but now I see the miracle that she has already performed. No one can deny the truth that she spoke; they may choose to admit or ignore it. However, Cindy's message lodged somewhere in their hearts and minds. Who knows what will happen the next time she shows up on campus?"

By Sam Trumbull

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