Bible Cross References
Psalm 78:45
He sent flies among them, that tormented them, and frogs that ruined their land.
Exodus 8:3-14
The Nile will be so full of frogs that they will leave it and go into your palace, your bedroom, your bed, the houses of your officials and your people, and even into your ovens and baking pans.
They will jump up on you, your people, and all your officials.' "
The LORD said to Moses, "Tell Aaron to hold out his walking stick over the rivers, the canals, and the pools, and make frogs come up and cover the land of Egypt."
So Aaron held it out over all the water, and the frogs came out and covered the land.
But the magicians used magic, and they also made frogs come up on the land.
The king called for Moses and Aaron and said, "Pray to the LORD to take away these frogs, and I will let your people go, so that they can offer sacrifices to the LORD."
Moses replied, "I will be glad to pray for you. Just set the time when I am to pray for you, your officers, and your people. Then you will be rid of the frogs, and there will be none left except in the Nile."
The king answered, "Pray for me tomorrow." Moses said, "I will do as you ask, and then you will know that there is no other god like the LORD, our God.
You, your officials, and your people will be rid of the frogs, and there will be none left except in the Nile."
Then Moses and Aaron left the king, and Moses prayed to the LORD to take away the frogs which he had brought on the king.
The LORD did as Moses asked, and the frogs in the houses, the courtyards, and the fields died.
The Egyptians piled them up in great heaps, until the land stank with them.
Revelation 16:13
Then I saw three unclean spirits that looked like frogs. They were coming out of the mouth of the dragon, the mouth of the beast, and the mouth of the false prophet.
Revelation 16:14
They are the spirits of demons that perform miracles. These three spirits go out to all the kings of the world, to bring them together for the battle on the great Day of Almighty God.