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Smock Family Ministry-The Seven

For years we traveled as a family proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the college and University campuses of America. In this section of the website we are compiling a written and photographic history of our ministry adventures.

 Smock Family


Martha Rescues Dad's Bible

Arizona State University    Feb. 21-23:

by Bro. Jed

A heckler was making rabbit ears behind me.  Then he grabbed me from behind.  I turned and warned him notMartha smock to touch me.  Then Martha Marie was stirred and got in his face and sternly admonished him as she made a shoving motion but was careful not to touch him, “You get away from my Dad.”  The boy had a startled look on his face and got down from the wall.  He caused no more problems.  Martha does not like anyone messing with the old man.  Martha is somewhat shy in public but she is fearless in explosive situations.

Two days later a quiet boy in the crowd came up to me and politely asked, “Can I look at your Bible?”  I hesitated.  He said, “I only want to look at it for 20 seconds.”  He looked harmless and sincere.  When I handed him the Bible, he ran off with it. 

I turned and said, “Hey, Martha that guy stole my Bible.”  Martha kicked off her flip flops and like a gazelle ran after the thief.  She caught up with him and yelled.  “Give me my Dad’s Bible back!”  When he refused, Martha jumped him, but he held the Bible away from her.  Martha punched him in the stomach and put him in a head lock.  He threw the Bible aiming for the trash can, but he missed.  Martha leaped for it while throwing her fist back and knocked him in the head.  Apparently, except for his pride, he was not hurt and walked off.  And Martha triumphantly presented me my Bible with my compliments.  The crowd applauded.

Bro. Jed and Martha

This is the second time this week Martha had to display a show of force for my protection.  Her mother after hearing of today’s incident wrote on Martha’s facebook wall, “You remind me of Deborah of old, just don’t go as far as Jael.”  Missionary Gary Lukas wrote, “You have a lioness for an armor bearer.” 




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