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Role Model

Hello Brother Jed!

I noticed that you will be at UCF (Orlando) this Thursday and Friday... I heard you preach 22 years ago (or so) at the University of KY, when I was a college student there.  I had just given my life to the Lord and I was greatly encouraged by your ministry.  I would like to minister on campus and around town and would like to hear you speak when you are at UCF.  I've thought of you many times throughout all these years.  Even though I haven't heard you speak since then, you've been a great role model for me. Thank you,

 Anne Marchetti,  1/8/07




Fake Christian Repents

Brother Jed,                                                                                                                                                        My story is very complex because I have been living as a "fake Christian" since I left high school.  From 1996 to 2006, I was preaching about God having  a wonderful plan for your life and I have even mocked and laughed at you. I confess this to you and I am sorry. I am sorry that I was not being a true Christian. I was basically like Saul of Tarsus, persecuting you...I realize the message that I have been preaching was not true.

Thanks for coming to the University of Arizona. The students need to hear this message. The real message about hell. Sadly, most of my Christian friends have softened the message and therefore they think you are judging others. I will pray for you and thank you for letting me see the real picture...Tell Evangeline that she is in my prayers and thank her for serving our country. 


Eileen Bellamy, 9/28/06


Steve Reads the Bible-Mizzou

Brother Jed,

     For as long as I have been here, you have been preaching at Mizzou and I would like to say thank you. Through listening to you and the ones who come with you, I have made some changes in my life. Looking around me I always knew something about life was just not quite right.  Certain things just seemed empty; is the way I want to put it. While I admit that I have not read the Bible cover to cover, I have started reading it intensively.  I regret that I did not take up the Bible sooner. As for other things, I read your book and I agree with it and I even put one thing to the test. I failed initially, but I managed to go a day without sin. (I believe I have at any rate.) I just remember thinking about what that one student said in your book and I wondered...is it possible?  It is. I went three days without sin. (Unless there was something I forgot.) Keep preaching the good preaching! By the way, besides me, I know you have affected others on campus as well...
        ...I realize you may be busy, but if you don't mind, I would like to communicate with you via e-mail. (Mostly to ask questions.)


Steven, 1/23/07


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