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Sister Pat's Converts Man at Train Station!

Eighty-six year old Sister Pat had spent a couple weeks with her son in San Diego to recover from a sickness. Sister Pat at Louisiana State UniversityShe took the train to Downey, California to meet up with us.

Her host family went to pick her up at the train station, but it was the wrong train station! Sister Pat was stranded at a different train station (with a similar name) with a dead phone battery and not even a stranger in sight! 

Along came a man named Ethan riding on a bicycle and Sister Pat struck up a conversation with him. He helped her get in contact with the host family and spoke with Sister Pat for over an hour as she witnessed to him. She had read the entire book of Psalms over the last two weeks and was glowing with the Holy Spirit! She testified that she was so full of the Holy Spirit and so excited that she never noticed the chilly winter air. She gave him her Bible and prayed with him to get saved! 

Sister Pat at Texas TechHe had to leave to catch his train, but he raced to the back of the train to get one last glimpse of Sister Pat. They have been keeping in contact through texting, and he is growing in his faith! 

Shortly after Ethan left, her host family was able to find her. Sister Pat testifies that train stations are one of the best places for witnessing.


Another Homosexual Delivered at University of Arizona!

We left the University of Arizona on Tuesday evening to preach at Arizona State University, but Brother Dean felt compelled to stay back at the U of A as the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully over the campus. Jackson, a homosexual boy, had just gotten saved on Monday. On Wednesday, all of the hecklers did not show up at the preaching hill because they knew we had left on Tuesday. Brother Dean reported a very calm listening crowd the whole day.Brother Dean converts Benji Lesbian at University of Arizona

One girl named Benji, a flaming lesbian stayed all day listening to the preaching. She heckled off and on throughout the day, but later calmly said, "Brother Dean, I want to talk to you." She waited until he was done preaching and then approached him to ask questions calmly. After an hour of conversation, he discerned that she was ready to be saved, but was hesitant to push salvation in case she wasn't completely ready. He drove her to a church service that evening. During the service, the minister had an alter call, in which Benji came up in tears and completely repented!

She later testified that her parents were ministers. Her whole family was Christian. Her roommate was Christian and was praying for her. She got connected with Aiden and Mary who are local preachers that have a Bible Study and are involved in a local church. They prayed with her at the Cheddar's restaurant and she was filled with the Holy Spirit!


Ex-Muslim Homosexual Finds Salvation!

Sister Pat opened up the meeting on Monday at New Mexico State University. Shortly after she started preaching, she asked "Is there anyone who wants to get saved?"

Zach responded, "I can't. I'm a homosexual."

Immediately, she turned the preaching over to Brother Joshua and talked one-on-one with Zach. He had grown up in a Muslim family, but he wasn't currently a Muslim. Over the course of the three days we were there, each one of us was able to talk with Zach and minister truth to him.  Tuesday night he had dinner with Sister Pat and Brother Jed and was given Brother Jed's book "Mystery of Christ Revealed."

Ex-Muslim Homosexual Zach Saved at New Mexico State

On Wednesday, Sister Cindy was able to explain the atonement to him. Immediately, Zach wanted to talk with Brother Joshua. He asked Joshua for prayer that he could have friends that weren't interested in Homo-sex. Brother Jed urged Zach to make a commitment to Christ, but Zach was hesitant. He expressed concerns over Hebrews 6 that if he made a commitment and turned back he was beyond hope for redemption. Brother Jed explained that God would strengthen him in the faith if he would make the decision. Zach confirmed that he was ready. Brother Jed told him to make a confession from his heart, which he did!

Both Brother Joshua and Brother Jed prayed that he be filled with the Holy Spirit and be a bold witness. Brother Jed challenged him to give his testimony to the crowd. Zach is a soft-spoken, quite boy, but after a moments hesitancy, he agreed. 

He stood firm despite many students viciously attacking his new faith and attempting to get him to become a homosexual again. Zach withstood it all and insisted he was making this choice by himself and was not coerced to do it. One of the Chi Alpha men, Taylor, befriended Zach and stayed with him the rest of the time, supporting him. After he testified, Zach went into the student union building with Taylor. Zach was then approached by an older homosexual "Christian" man, who gave Zach his number and assured him he could be homosexual and a Christian. Still, Zach stood firm in his commitment to leaving the sin of Homosexuality for a relationship with God!


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