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Jackson Delivered From Homosexuality at U of A!

Monday afternoon at the University of Arizona, a young homosexual boy name Jackson approached Sister Pat and Brother Ryan. He had been looking for Sister Pat, and found her at a table in a patio a distance away from the preaching. In tears he poured out his heart about how upset he was with all the hate against homosexuals. Sister Pat compassionately ministered to him for a few hours, convincing him of the sin of homosexuality. Sister Pat leads Homosexual to Salvation

Only a few days earlier, on Friday, Sister Cindy had felt the Holy Spirit lead her to compassion over Jackson and had explained to him of the destructive danger of homosexual sex. He had bragged to her that he was going to have sex that night, but we later learned he was under conviction and pierced to the heart by her words. Over the weekend, Sister Cindy interceded in prayer for Jackson.

By the end of his conversation with Sister Pat and Brother Ryan, Jackson was convinced he wanted to give up his homosexuality and become a Christian. As he prayed with them, God gave him a vision. He then immediately went to throw away a homosexual bracelet that he was wearing. Homosexual Jackson Saved at U of A As he did, he suddenly became aware of the beauty of creation all around him. The grass was greener; the sky was bluer. Later, again as Brother Ryan prayed with him, he had another vision. 

After the preaching that day, he went out to eat with everyone and came to our host home where Brother Dean, Sister Cindy, and Brother Joshua took him through all the verses about homosexuality in the Bible and prayed with him late into the evening. 

By the next Friday, he attended Aden's Bible Study (another local preacher) where he was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time! His life was radically changed!


Right with God

At the University of South Florida, Kirsten talked with a man named Andres who came from a Catholic background, and knew he Bro. Joshua and Sis. Kirstenneeded to commit his life to God. He also needed good friends to influence him. He prayed to commit his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and Kirsten prayed for him to have strong Christian friends. Later that day, Kirsten met a boy who loved to reach out to fellow-students and could follow-up with Andres and get him connected with local churches. She connected him with Andres. A wonderful answer to prayer!

At the University of Central Florida, Josh noticed a sincere girl, named Emily, walking by. He asked if she was right with God. She answered "no." He asked if she wanted to get right with God. She replied "yes." So he prayed with her. Then she rededicated her life to Jesus Christ. 

 Also, at the University of Central Florida, Sister Pat was able to pray with a sincere homosexual boy named Mark who wanted to stop being homosexual.    Jan. 2015


High School Boy and Military Man turn to Christ at Central Arkansas

Sister Pat was starting out the preaching at Central Arkansas. There was a great number of High School kids on campus that day, touring. One fifteen-year-old boy named Ethan was ready to be saved. He raised his hands to Jesus Christ and made him his Lord and Savior. We gave him a copy of Bro. Jed's book, Walking in the Spirit. 

At the same university, Joshua prayed with a military man who was about to deploy to get right with God.  Nov. 2015


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