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John Bonham Skit Saves a Soul

John BonhamTom Canaday (below) posted on Facebook: People so admire celebrities, and when they pass it can be an opportune moment for preaching the Truth... In 1980 John Bonham, (top left) at age 32, was greatly admired and sorely envied on college campuses. He was considered the greatest drummer and his band, Led Zepplin, was famous for unabashed hedonism. They had it ALL, or so many of us thought. Then Bonham died so young,Tom Canaday so stupidly,...Bro. Jed boldly stepped into that spiritual void and drove the Gospel right home. Just a week (34 years ago) after Bonham died, I saw Jed Smock preach on campus at Univ. of Michigan. Jed mimicked Bonham drinking the 40 shots, counting them off deliberately and after each one acting as if he had just received a lash. I was a scoffer at the time, but I was mightily impressed (and entertained) by Jed's performance. Much later when I found myself convicted of my own similar sins, I remembered Jed having told me the truth decades before. I'm grateful that the seeds of truth Jed planted that day flowered before my season ended.


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The Four Questions

  • Origin? Meaning? Morals? Destiny?

    The Four Questions What is the origin of life? What is the meaning of life? What is the source of morality? What is our destiny?  Daily on campus we tell the students that any religion or philosophy has to answer the questions of origin, meaning, morals...



Word From Bro. Jed

  • Get Angry Church

    Since November 3, we have heard from fake news of President Trump “ranting and raging” in the WH. They say that he is “unhinged” and “losing his mind,” etc, etc. These are based on “anonymous...