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Bro. Jed Inhaled

Drug Use is What the Bible Calls Sorcery

Drugs have been a major problem at universities ever since the late sixties. When I was living in Berkeley during this period, Timothy Leary, who had been fired from Harvard for his L.S.D. experiments,was teaching at the free university in the community. He lectured on the effects of L.S.D.

Brother Jed as a hippie

Medical science teaches that one hallucinates under L.S.D.; that is, they see things that are not there. However, medical science does not understand the spiritual dimension of an L.S.D. trip. Leary taught that one sees things that are there; only they are not in the material, physical world, but the spiritual. Leary was a sorcerer.

One of the primary tools of a sorcerer is L.S.D. and other mind-altering drugs. In some inexplicable way L.S.D. enables the user to be transferred (trip) from the natural, physical plane to the supernatural, spiritual plane. As a result of my L.S.D. experiments I became more spiritually minded and actually believed I was getting closer to God. I did not understand that the spiritual world I had contacted was evil. The Bible revealed to me a cosmos made up of God and his host of angels and the devil and his host of demons. When the Spirit of God opened my mind with the tool of his WORD, I renounced the devil and his demons.

Most students may not realize that when they use drugs they are practicing sorcery. Sorcery comes from the Greek word pharmakeia which in English would be pharmacy or drugs. Anyone using drugs illicitly is practicing sorcery. Revelation 21:8 warns that all "sorcerers shall have their part in the lake which burneth with brimstone: which is the second death."

Brother Jed

Marijuana and Drugs

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