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Osteen Derangement Syndrome

f you see a picture similar to this one when you look into the smiling countenance of “America’s Pastor,” Joel Osteen, you could be afflicted with the Osteen Derangement Syndrome.

Have any FB friends noticed other characteristics of those stricken with ODS, so that we can further identify these people?

Perhaps you yourself are disordered; if so, keep up with my posts concerning Osteen. There is still hope that you can be delivered without resorting to medication or completely losing your mind.

Actually, several sufferers have informed me, usually secretly, that when they actually listen to Joel instead of his cynical critics, they return to their senses. Sometimes they even admit that I helped in their healing.

To make sure one doesn’t have a relapse, it would be helpful to confess publicly that you were wrong about Joel and made judgments based on ill-informed hearsay or maybe simply you received greater light.

If your opposition is rooted in slander, your soul could be in danger.

Osteen Derangement Syndrome


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The Four Questions

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    The Four Questions What is the origin of life? What is the meaning of life? What is the source of morality? What is our destiny?  Daily on campus we tell the students that any religion or philosophy has to answer the questions of origin, meaning, morals...



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    Since November 3, we have heard from fake news of President Trump “ranting and raging” in the WH. They say that he is “unhinged” and “losing his mind,” etc, etc. These are based on “anonymous...