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Family Hearth

Up until the mid-20th Century, the hearth was the center of family activity. However, in the fifties families started gathering around the T.V. and the fireplace ceased burning. Now people have their smart phones and I-Pads.

Each night since December 8, we have had a wood fire burning in our hearth. Some days we have started the fire early in the afternoon. Cindy and I have been doing our office work, study and prayer mostly at the hearth.

There is something about a fire that draws. As our family returned home for Christmas, each night we had Bible studies, sang Christmas Carols, prayed, played board and card games, reminisced of the days of the girls’ childhood, spoke of the Smock family heritage and talked of plans for the future around our hearth. We do not have a working television; watching and tending the fire is much more captivating and productive. Family entertainment is cheap and more fun than anything, except preaching, especially when the activities are centered in the one who baptizes with the Holy Ghost and with fire, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Family Hearth

Now the children are gone and it is simply Grandmother and Grandfather enjoying the embers. When we lived in Columbia, we had a gas burning fireplace. However, it was in a rather odd spot in our living room and the gas fire just never had the appeal of the wood burning fireplace.

I acknowledge I am enjoying my new I-Phone 5C and I-Pad Air which Cindy bought me for Christmas around the hearth. Cindy has had her I-Pad for a year. So we are content with a touch of the old and the new.


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