Bible Cross References
1 Samuel 17:8
Goliath stood and shouted at the Israelites, "What are you doing there, lined up for battle? I am a Philistine, you slaves of Saul! Choose one of your men to fight me.
1 Samuel 17:21
The Philistine and the Israelite armies took positions for battle, facing each other.
Joshua 7:5-8
The men of Ai chased them from the city gate as far as some quarries and killed about thirty-six of them on the way down the hill. Then the Israelites lost their courage and were afraid.
Joshua and the leaders of Israel tore their clothes in grief, threw themselves to the ground before the LORD's Covenant Box, and lay there till evening, with dust on their heads to show their sorrow.
And Joshua said, "Sovereign LORD! Why did you bring us across the Jordan at all? To turn us over to the Amorites? To destroy us? Why didn't we just stay on the other side of the Jordan?
What can I say, O Lord, now that Israel has retreated from the enemy?
Joshua 7:12-8
Psalm 44:9
But now you have rejected us and let us be defeated; you no longer march out with our armies.
Psalm 44:10
You made us run from our enemies, and they took for themselves what was ours.
and they
Psalm 79:7
For they have killed your people; they have ruined your country.
Psalm 79:8
Do not punish us for the sins of our ancestors. Have mercy on us now; we have lost all hope.
Psalm 106:40
So the LORD was angry with his people; he was disgusted with them.
Psalm 106:41
He abandoned them to the power of the heathen, and their enemies ruled over them.
Lamentations 3:40
Let us examine our ways and turn back to the LORD.