Bible Cross References
1 Samuel 29:6
Achish called David and said to him, "I swear by the living God of Israel that you have been loyal to me; and I would be pleased to have you go with me and fight in this battle. I have not found any fault in you from the day you came over to me. But the other kings don't approve of you.
Joshua 2:12
Now swear by him that you will treat my family as kindly as I have treated you, and give me some sign that I can trust you.
Joshua 9:15
Joshua made a treaty of friendship with the people of Gibeon and allowed them to live. The leaders of the community of Israel gave their solemn promise to keep the treaty.
Joshua 9:19
but they answered, "We have made our solemn promise to them in the name of the LORD God of Israel. Now we cannot harm them.
Joshua 9:20
We must let them live because of our promise; if we don't, God will punish us.
Ezekiel 17:13
He took one of the king's family, made a treaty with him, and made him swear to be loyal. He took important men as hostages
Ezekiel 17:16
"As surely as I am the living God," says the Sovereign LORD, "this king will die in Babylonia because he broke his oath and the treaty he had made with the king of Babylonia, who put him on the throne.
Ezekiel 17:19
The Sovereign LORD says, "As surely as I am the living God, I will punish him for breaking the treaty which he swore in my name to keep.
nor deliver
Deuteronomy 23:15
"If slaves run away from their owners and come to you for protection, do not send them back.
Deuteronomy 23:16
They may live in any of your towns that they choose, and you are not to treat them harshly.