Bible Cross References
Judges 1:4
and Judah went into battle together. The LORD gave them victory over the Canaanites and the Perizzites, and they defeated ten thousand men at Bezek.
Judges 1:5
They found Adonibezek there and fought him.
the children
1 Samuel 13:15
Samuel left Gilgal and went on his way. The rest of the people followed Saul as he went to join his soldiers. They went from Gilgal to Gibeah in the territory of Benjamin. Saul inspected his troops, about six hundred men.
1 Samuel 15:4
Saul called his forces together and inspected them at Telem: there were 200,000 soldiers from Israel and 10,000 from Judah.
2 Samuel 24:9
They reported to the king the total number of men capable of military service: 800,000 in Israel and 500,000 in Judah.
2 Chronicles 17:12-19
So Jehoshaphat continued to grow more and more powerful. Throughout Judah he built fortifications and cities,
where supplies were stored in huge amounts. In Jerusalem he stationed outstanding officers,
according to their clans. Adnah was the commander of the troops from the clans of Judah, and he had 300,000 soldiers under him.
Second in rank was Jehohanan, with 280,000 soldiers,
and third was Amasiah son of Zichri, with 200,000. (Amasiah had volunteered to serve the LORD.)
The commander of the troops from the clans of Benjamin was Eliada, an outstanding soldier, in command of 200,000 men armed with shields and bows.
His second in command was Jehozabad with 180,000 men, well-equipped for battle.
These soldiers served the king in Jerusalem, and in addition he stationed others in the other fortified cities of Judah.