Bible Cross References
Psalm 105:2
Sing praise to the LORD; tell the wonderful things he has done.
Psalm 145:5
They will speak of your glory and majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful deeds.
Psalm 145:11
They will speak of the glory of your royal power and tell of your might,
Judges 10:4
He had thirty sons who rode thirty donkeys. They had thirty cities in the land of Gilead, which are still called the villages of Jair.
Judges 12:14
He had forty sons and thirty grandsons, who rode on seventy donkeys. Abdon led Israel for eight years,
ye that sit
Psalm 107:32
They must proclaim his greatness in the assembly of the people and praise him before the council of the leaders.
Isaiah 28:6
He will give a sense of justice to those who serve as judges, and courage to those who defend the city gates from attack.
Joel 3:12
"The nations must get ready and come to the Valley of Judgment. There I, the LORD, will sit to judge all the surrounding nations.