Bible Cross References
lay thine
Job 21:5
Look at me. Isn't that enough to make you stare in shocked silence?
Job 29:9
The leaders of the people would stop talking;
Job 40:4
(SEE 40:3)
Job 40:5
I have already said more than I should.
Proverbs 30:32
If you have been foolish enough to be arrogant and plan evil, stop and think!
Micah 7:16
The nations will see this and be frustrated in spite of all their strength. In dismay they will close their mouths and cover their ears.
a father
Judges 17:10
Micah said, "Stay with me. Be my adviser and priest, and I will give you ten pieces of silver a year, some clothes, and your food."
2 Kings 6:21
When the king of Israel saw the Syrians, he asked Elisha, "Shall I kill them, sir? Shall I kill them?"
2 Kings 8:8
he said to Hazael, one of his officials, "Take a gift to the prophet and ask him to consult the LORD to find out whether or not I am going to get well."
2 Kings 8:9
So Hazael loaded forty camels with all kinds of the finest products of Damascus and went to Elisha. When Hazael met him, he said, "Your servant King Benhadad has sent me to ask you whether or not he will recover from his sickness."
2 Kings 13:14
The prophet Elisha was sick with a fatal disease, and as he lay dying, King Jehoash of Israel went to visit him. "My father, my father!" he exclaimed as he wept. "You have been the mighty defender of Israel!"
Matthew 23:9
And you must not call anyone here on earth 'Father,' because you have only the one Father in heaven.