Bible Cross References
This then was the lot
Joshua 14:2
As the LORD had commanded Moses, the territories of the nine and one-half tribes west of the Jordan were determined by drawing lots.
Numbers 26:55
(SEE 26:54)
Numbers 26:56
(SEE 26:54)
even to the
Numbers 33:36
(SEE 33:15)
Numbers 33:37
(SEE 33:15)
Numbers 34:3-5
The southern border will extend from the wilderness of Zin along the border of Edom. It will begin on the east at the southern end of the Dead Sea.
Then it will turn southward toward Akrabbim Pass and continue on through Zin as far south as Kadesh Barnea. Then it will turn northwest to Hazar Addar and on to Azmon,
where it will turn toward the valley at the border of Egypt and end at the Mediterranean.
Ezekiel 47:19
"The southern boundary runs southwest from Tamar to the oasis of Kadesh Meribah and then northwest along the Egyptian border to the Mediterranean Sea.