Bible Cross References
the women
Numbers 31:9
The people of Israel captured the Midianite women and children, took their cattle and their flocks, plundered all their wealth,
Numbers 31:12
and brought them to Moses and Eleazar and to the community of the people of Israel, who were at the camp on the plains of Moab across the Jordan from Jericho.
Numbers 31:18
but keep alive for yourselves all the girls and all the women who are virgins.
Numbers 31:35-54
(SEE 31:32)
The half share of the soldiers was 337,500 sheep and goats, of which 675 were the tax for the LORD; 36,000 cattle for the soldiers, of which 72 were the tax for the LORD; 30,500 donkeys for the soldiers, of which 61 were the tax for the LORD; and 16,000 virgins for the soldiers, of which 32 were the tax for the LORD.
(SEE 31:36)
(SEE 31:36)
(SEE 31:36)
(SEE 31:36)
So Moses gave Eleazar the tax as a special contribution to the LORD, as the LORD had commanded.
The share of the community was the same as that for the soldiers: 337,500 sheep and goats, 36,000 cattle, 30,500 donkeys, and 16,000 virgins.
(SEE 31:42)
(SEE 31:42)
(SEE 31:42)
(SEE 31:42)
From this share Moses took one out of every fifty prisoners and animals, and as the LORD had commanded, gave them to the Levites who were in charge of the LORD's Tent.
Then the officers who had commanded the army went to Moses
and reported, "Sir, we have counted the soldiers under our command and not one of them is missing.
So we are bringing the gold ornaments, armlets, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that each of us has taken. We offer them to the LORD as a payment for our lives, so that he will protect us."
Moses and Eleazar received the gold, all of which was in the form of ornaments.
The total contribution of the officers weighed over four hundred pounds.
Those who were not officers kept the loot they had taken.
So Moses and Eleazar took the gold to the Tent, so that the LORD would protect the people of Israel.
Joshua 8:2
You are to do to Ai and its king what you did to Jericho and its king, but this time you may keep its goods and livestock for yourselves. Prepare to attack the city by surprise from the rear."
Joshua 11:14
The people of Israel took all the valuables and livestock from these cities and kept them for themselves. But they put every person to death; no one was left alive.
2 Chronicles 14:13-15
and Asa and his troops pursued them as far as Gerar. So many of the Ethiopians were killed that the army was unable to rally and fight. They were overpowered by the LORD and his army, and the army took large amounts of loot.
Then they were able to destroy the cities in the area around Gerar, because the people there were terrified of the LORD. The army plundered all those cities and captured large amounts of loot.
They also attacked the camps of some shepherds, capturing large numbers of sheep and camels. Then they returned to Jerusalem.
2 Chronicles 20:25
Jehoshaphat and his troops moved in to take the loot, and they found many cattle, supplies, clothing, and other valuable objects. They spent three days gathering the loot, but there was so much that they could not take everything.
Psalm 68:12
"Kings and their armies are running away!" The women at home divided what was captured:
Romans 8:37
No, in all these things we have complete victory through him who loved us!
thou shalt eat
Joshua 22:8
(SEE 22:6)