Bible Cross References
are not
Ecclesiastes 6:9
It is useless; it is like chasing the wind. It is better to be satisfied with what you have than to be always wanting something else.
Job 36:16
God brought you out of trouble, and let you enjoy security; your table was piled high with food.
Proverbs 4:12
Nothing will stand in your way if you walk wisely, and you will not stumble when you run.
Micah 2:7
Do you think the people of Israel are under a curse? Has the LORD lost his patience? Would he really do such things? Doesn't he speak kindly to those who do right?"
in your
Philippians 1:8
God is my witness that I tell the truth when I say that my deep feeling for you all comes from the heart of Christ Jesus himself.
1 John 3:17
If we are rich and see others in need, yet close our hearts against them, how can we claim that we love God?