Bible Cross References
Acts 3:2
There at the Beautiful Gate, as it was called, was a man who had been lame all his life. Every day he was carried to the gate to beg for money from the people who were going into the Temple.
Acts 4:22
The man on whom this miracle of healing had been performed was over forty years old.
Acts 14:8
In Lystra there was a crippled man who had been lame from birth and had never been able to walk.
Mark 5:25
There was a woman who had suffered terribly from severe bleeding for twelve years,
Mark 9:21
"How long has he been like this?" Jesus asked the father. "Ever since he was a child," he replied.
Luke 13:16
Now here is this descendant of Abraham whom Satan has kept in bonds for eighteen years; should she not be released on the Sabbath?"
John 5:5
A man was there who had been sick for thirty-eight years.
John 9:1
As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who had been born blind.
John 9:21
But we do not know how it is that he is now able to see, nor do we know who cured him of his blindness. Ask him; he is old enough, and he can answer for himself !"
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Mark 2:3-11
when four men arrived, carrying a paralyzed man to Jesus.
Because of the crowd, however, they could not get the man to him. So they made a hole in the roof right above the place where Jesus was. When they had made an opening, they let the man down, lying on his mat.
Seeing how much faith they had, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, "My son, your sins are forgiven."
Some teachers of the Law who were sitting there thought to themselves,
"How does he dare talk like this? This is blasphemy! God is the only one who can forgive sins!"
At once Jesus knew what they were thinking, so he said to them, "Why do you think such things?
Is it easier to say to this paralyzed man, 'Your sins are forgiven,' or to say, 'Get up, pick up your mat, and walk'?
I will prove to you, then, that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins." So he said to the paralyzed man,
"I tell you, get up, pick up your mat, and go home!"