Bible Cross References
the twelve
Acts 21:22
They are sure to hear that you have arrived. What should be done, then?
Acts 4:19
But Peter and John answered them, "You yourselves judge which is right in God's sight---to obey you or to obey God.
Acts 25:27
For it seems unreasonable to me to send a prisoner without clearly indicating the charges against him."
we should
Exodus 18:17-26
Then Jethro said, "You are not doing this right.
You will wear yourself out and these people as well. This is too much for you to do alone.
Now let me give you some good advice, and God will be with you. It is right for you to represent the people before God and bring their disputes to him.
You should teach them God's commands and explain to them how they should live and what they should do.
But in addition, you should choose some capable men and appoint them as leaders of the people: leaders of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens. They must be God-fearing men who can be trusted and who cannot be bribed.
Let them serve as judges for the people on a permanent basis. They can bring all the difficult cases to you, but they themselves can decide all the smaller disputes. That will make it easier for you, as they share your burden.
If you do this, as God commands, you will not wear yourself out, and all these people can go home with their disputes settled."
Moses took Jethro's advice
and chose capable men from among all the Israelites. He appointed them as leaders of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens.
They served as judges for the people on a permanent basis, bringing the difficult cases to Moses but deciding the smaller disputes themselves.
Numbers 11:11-13
and he said to the LORD, "Why have you treated me so badly? Why are you displeased with me? Why have you given me the responsibility for all these people?
I didn't create them or bring them to birth! Why should you ask me to act like a nurse and carry them in my arms like babies all the way to the land you promised to their ancestors?
Where could I get enough meat for all these people? They keep whining and asking for meat.
Deuteronomy 1:9-14
Moses said to the people, "While we were still at Mount Sinai, I told you, 'The responsibility for leading you is too much for me. I can't do it alone.
The LORD your God has made you as numerous as the stars in the sky.
May the LORD, the God of your ancestors, make you increase a thousand times more and make you prosperous, as he promised!
But how can I alone bear the heavy responsibility for settling your disputes?
Choose some wise, understanding, and experienced men from each tribe, and I will put them in charge of you.'
And you agreed that this was a good thing to do.
Nehemiah 6:3
I sent messengers to say to them, "I am doing important work and can't go down there. I am not going to let the work stop just to go and see you."
2 Timothy 2:4
A soldier on active duty wants to please his commanding officer and so does not get mixed up in the affairs of civilian life.