Bible Cross References
Acts 23:30
And when I was informed that there was a plot against him, at once I decided to send him to you. I have told his accusers to make their charges against him before you."
Acts 23:35
he said, "I will hear you when your accusers arrive." Then he gave orders for Paul to be kept under guard in the governor's headquarters.
Acts 25:5
Let your leaders go to Caesarea with me and accuse the man if he has done anything wrong."
Acts 25:15
and when I went to Jerusalem, the Jewish chief priests and elders brought charges against him and asked me to condemn him.
Acts 25:16
But I told them that we Romans are not in the habit of handing over any who are accused of a crime before they have met their accusers face-to-face and have had the chance of defending themselves against the accusation.