Bible Cross References
To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.
Luke 19:42
saying, "If you only knew today what is needed for peace! But now you cannot see it!
Leviticus 25:8-13
Count seven times seven years, a total of forty-nine years.
Then, on the tenth day of the seventh month, the Day of Atonement, send someone to blow a trumpet throughout the whole land.
In this way you shall set the fiftieth year apart and proclaim freedom to all the inhabitants of the land. During this year all property that has been sold shall be restored to the original owner or the descendants, and any who have been sold as slaves shall return to their families.
You shall not plant your fields or harvest the grain that grows by itself or gather the grapes in your unpruned vineyards.
The whole year shall be sacred for you; you shall eat only what the fields produce of themselves.
In this year all property that has been sold shall be restored to its original owner.
Leviticus 25:50-54
They must consult the one who bought them, and they must count the years from the time they sold themselves until the next Year of Restoration and must set the price for their release on the basis of the wages paid hired workers.
They must refund a part of the purchase price according to the number of years left,
(SEE 25:51)
as if they had been hired on an annual basis. Their master must not treat them harshly.
If they are not set free in any of these ways, they and their children must be set free in the next Year of Restoration.
Numbers 36:4
In the Year of Restoration, when all property that has been sold is restored to its original owners, the property of Zelophehad's daughters will be permanently added to the tribe into which they marry and will be lost to our tribe."
Isaiah 61:2
He has sent me to proclaim That the time has come When the LORD will save his people And defeat their enemies. He has sent me to comfort all who mourn,
Isaiah 63:4
I decided that the time to save my people had come; it was time to punish their enemies.
2 Corinthians 6:1
In our work together with God, then, we beg you who have received God's grace not to let it be wasted.