Bible Cross References
Matthew 26:71
and went on out to the entrance of the courtyard. Another servant woman saw him and said to the men there, "He was with Jesus of Nazareth."
Matthew 26:72
Again Peter denied it and answered, "I swear that I don't know that man!"
Mark 14:69
The servant woman saw him there and began to repeat to the bystanders, "He is one of them!"
Mark 14:70
But Peter denied it again. A little while later the bystanders accused Peter again, "You can't deny that you are one of them, because you, too, are from Galilee."
John 18:25
Peter was still standing there keeping himself warm. So the others said to him, "Aren't you also one of the disciples of that man?" But Peter denied it. "No, I am not," he said.