Bible Cross References
the commandments
Leviticus 7:37
These, then, are the regulations for the burnt offerings, the grain offerings, the sin offerings, the repayment offerings, the ordination offerings, and the fellowship offerings.
Leviticus 7:38
There on Mount Sinai in the desert, the LORD gave these commands to Moses on the day he told the people of Israel to make their offerings.
Leviticus 11:46
This, then, is the law about animals and birds, about everything that lives in the water, and everything that moves on the ground.
Leviticus 13:59
This, then, is the law about mildew on clothing, whether it is wool or linen, or on linen or wool cloth or on anything made of leather; this is how the decision is made as to whether it is ritually clean or unclean.
Leviticus 14:54-57
These are the laws about dreaded skin diseases;
sores, boils, or inflammations; and about mildew in clothes or houses.
(SEE 14:55)
These laws determine when something is unclean and when it is clean.
Leviticus 15:32
These are the regulations about a man who has a discharge or an emission of semen,
Leviticus 15:33
a woman during her monthly period, or a man who has sexual intercourse with a woman who is ritually unclean.
Leviticus 27:34
These are the commands that the LORD gave Moses on Mount Sinai for the people of Israel.
in the plains of Moab
Numbers 26:3
Moses and Eleazar obeyed and called together all the men of that age group. They assembled in the plains of Moab across the Jordan River from Jericho. These were the Israelites who came out of Egypt:
Numbers 33:50
There in the plains of Moab across the Jordan from Jericho the LORD gave Moses
Numbers 35:1
In the plains of Moab across the Jordan from Jericho the LORD said to Moses,