Bible Cross References
the Lord
Psalm 76:9
when you rose up to pronounce judgment, to save all the oppressed on earth.
Come out
Numbers 16:16-21
Moses said to Korah, "Tomorrow you and your 250 followers must come to the Tent of the LORD's presence; Aaron will also be there.
Each of you will take his fire pan, put incense on it, and then present it at the altar."
So they each took their fire pans, put live coals and incense on them, and stood at the entrance of the Tent with Moses and Aaron.
Then Korah gathered the whole community, and they stood facing Moses and Aaron at the entrance of the Tent. Suddenly the dazzling light of the LORD's presence appeared to the whole community,
and the LORD said to Moses and Aaron,
"Move back from these people, and I will destroy them immediately."