Bible Cross References
the males
Leviticus 6:29
Any male of the priestly families may eat this offering; it is very holy.
Leviticus 21:21
No descendant of Aaron the priest who has any physical defects may present the food offering to me.
Leviticus 21:22
Such a man may eat the food offered to me, both the holy food offering and the very holy food offering,
Numbers 18:10
You must eat these things in a holy place, and only males may eat them; consider them holy.
It shall
Leviticus 3:17
No Israelite may eat any fat or any blood; this is a rule to be kept forever by all Israelites wherever they live.
every one
Leviticus 22:3-7
If any of your descendants, while he is ritually unclean, comes near the sacred offerings which the people of Israel have dedicated to me, he can never again serve at the altar. This applies for all time to come. I am the LORD.
"None of the descendants of Aaron who has a dreaded skin disease or a discharge may eat any of the sacred offerings until he is ritually clean. Any priest is unclean if he touches anything which is unclean through contact with a corpse or if he has an emission of semen
or if he has touched an unclean animal or person.
Any priest who becomes unclean remains unclean until evening, and even then he may not eat any of the sacred offerings until he has taken a bath.
After the sun sets he is clean, and then he may eat the sacred offerings, which are his food.
Exodus 29:37
Do this every day for seven days. Then the altar will be completely holy, and anyone or anything that touches it will be harmed by the power of its holiness.
Haggai 2:12-14
Suppose someone takes a piece of consecrated meat from a sacrifice and carries it in a fold of his robe. If he then lets his robe touch any bread, cooked food, wine, olive oil, or any kind of food at all, will it make that food consecrated also?" When the question was asked, the priests answered, "No."
Then Haggai asked, "Suppose someone is defiled because he has touched a dead body. If he then touches any of these foods, will that make them defiled too?" The priests answered, "Yes."
Then Haggai said, "The LORD says that the same thing applies to the people of this nation and to everything they produce; and so everything they offer on the altar is defiled."
Zechariah 14:20
At that time even the harness bells of the horses will be inscribed with the words "Dedicated to the LORD." The cooking pots in the Temple will be as sacred as the bowls before the altar.
Zechariah 14:21
Every cooking pot in Jerusalem and in all Judah will be set apart for use in the worship of the LORD Almighty. The people who offer sacrifices will use them for boiling the meat of the sacrifices. When that time comes, there will no longer be any merchant in the Temple of the LORD Almighty.
1 Peter 1:16
The scripture says, "Be holy because I am holy."
1 Peter 2:9
But you are the chosen race, the King's priests, the holy nation, God's own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into his own marvelous light.