Bible Cross References
his feathers
Luke 1:35
The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will come on you, and God's power will rest upon you. For this reason the holy child will be called the Son of God.
1 Peter 1:2
You were chosen according to the purpose of God the Father and were made a holy people by his Spirit, to obey Jesus Christ and be purified by his blood. May grace and peace be yours in full measure.
by the place
Leviticus 4:12
carry it all outside the camp to the ritually clean place where the ashes are poured out, and there he shall burn it on a wood fire.
Leviticus 6:10
Then the priest, wearing his linen robe and linen shorts, shall remove the greasy ashes left on the altar and put them at the side of the altar.
Leviticus 6:11
Then he shall change his clothes and take the ashes outside the camp to a ritually clean place.
Leviticus 16:27
The bull and the goat used for the sin offering, whose blood was brought into the Most Holy Place to take away sin, shall be carried outside the camp and burned. Skin, meat, and intestines shall all be burned.
Hebrews 13:11-14
The Jewish high priest brings the blood of the animals into the Most Holy Place to offer it as a sacrifice for sins; but the bodies of the animals are burned outside the camp.
For this reason Jesus also died outside the city, in order to purify the people from sin with his own blood.
Let us, then, go to him outside the camp and share his shame.
For there is no permanent city for us here on earth; we are looking for the city which is to come.