Bible Cross References
and the border
Exodus 25:25
Make a rim 3 inches wide around it and a gold border around the rim.
Exodus 30:3
Cover its top, all four sides, and its projections with pure gold, and put a gold border around it.
1 Kings 18:32
With these stones he rebuilt the altar for the worship of the LORD. He dug a trench around it, large enough to hold about four gallons of water.
his stairs
Exodus 20:26
Do not build an altar for me with steps leading up to it; if you do, you will expose yourselves as you go up the steps.
look toward
Ezekiel 8:16
So he took me to the inner courtyard of the Temple. There near the entrance of the sanctuary, between the altar and the porch, were about twenty-five men. They had turned their backs to the sanctuary and were bowing low toward the east, worshiping the rising sun.
Ezekiel 40:6
Then he went to the gateway that faced east. He went up the steps, and at the top he measured the entrance; it was 10 feet deep.
1 Kings 6:8
The entrance to the lowest story of the annex was on the south side of the Temple, with stairs leading up to the second and third stories.
Nehemiah 9:4
There was a platform for the Levites, and on it stood Jeshua, Bani, Kadmiel, Shebaniah, Bunni, Sherebiah, Bani, and Chenani. They prayed aloud to the LORD their God.