Bible Cross References
the noise
Jeremiah 8:16
Our enemies are already in the city of Dan; we hear the snorting of their horses. The whole land trembles when their horses neigh. Our enemies have come to destroy our land and everything in it, our city and all its people."
Jeremiah 46:9
Command the horses to go and the chariots to roll! Send out the soldiers: men from Ethiopia and Libya, carrying shields, and skilled archers from Lydia.' "
Judges 5:22
Then the horses came galloping on, stamping the ground with their hoofs.
Job 39:19-25
Was it you, Job, who made horses so strong and gave them their flowing manes?
Did you make them leap like locusts and frighten people with their snorting?
They eagerly paw the ground in the valley; they rush into battle with all their strength.
They do not know the meaning of fear, and no sword can turn them back.
The weapons which their riders carry rattle and flash in the sun.
Trembling with excitement, the horses race ahead; when the trumpet blows, they can't stand still.
At each blast of the trumpet they snort; they can smell a battle before they get near, and they hear the officers shouting commands.
Ezekiel 26:10
The clouds of dust raised by their horses will cover you. The noise of their horses pulling wagons and chariots will shake your walls as they pass through the gates of the ruined city.
Ezekiel 26:11
Their cavalry will storm through your streets, killing your people with their swords. Your mighty pillars will be thrown to the ground.
Nahum 2:4
Chariots dash wildly through the streets, rushing back and forth in the city squares. They flash like torches and dart about like lightning.
Nahum 3:2
Listen! The crack of the whip, the rattle of wheels, the gallop of horses, the jolting of chariots!
Nahum 3:3
Cavalry troops charge, swords flash, spears gleam! Corpses are piled high, dead bodies without number--- men stumble over them!
the fathers
Deuteronomy 28:54
Even the most refined man of noble birth will become so desperate during the siege that he will eat some of his own children because he has no other food. He will not even give any to his brother or to the wife he loves or to any of his children who are left.
Deuteronomy 28:55
(SEE 28:54)
Lamentations 4:3
Even a mother wolf will nurse her cubs, but my people are like ostriches, cruel to their young.
Lamentations 4:4
They let their babies die of hunger and thirst; children are begging for food that no one will give them.