Bible Cross References
A. M. 3415. B.C. 589. into the dungeon
Jeremiah 38:6
So they took me and let me down by ropes into Prince Malchiah's well, which was in the palace courtyard. There was no water in the well, only mud, and I sank down in it.
Jeremiah 38:10-13
Then the king ordered Ebedmelech to take with him three men and to pull me out of the well before I died.
So Ebedmelech went with the men to the palace storeroom and got some worn-out clothing which he let down to me by ropes.
He told me to put the rags under my arms, so that the ropes wouldn't hurt me. I did this,
and they pulled me up out of the well. After that I was kept in the courtyard.
Genesis 40:15
After all, I was kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews, and even here in Egypt I didn't do anything to deserve being put in prison."
Lamentations 3:53
They threw me alive into a pit and closed the opening with a stone.
Lamentations 3:55
"From the bottom of the pit, O LORD, I cried out to you,