Bible Cross References
Psalm 115:4
Their gods are made of silver and gold, formed by human hands.
Psalm 135:15
The gods of the nations are made of silver and gold; they are formed by human hands.
Isaiah 40:19
He is not like an idol that workers make, that metalworkers cover with gold and set in a base of silver.
Isaiah 40:20
Anyone who cannot afford silver or gold chooses wood that will not rot. He finds a skillful worker to make an image that won't fall down.
Isaiah 41:6
The skilled workers help and encourage each other.
Isaiah 44:12
The metalworker takes a piece of metal and works with it over a fire. His strong arm swings a hammer to pound the metal into shape. As he works, he gets hungry, thirsty, and tired.
Isaiah 46:7
They lift it to their shoulders and carry it; they put it in place, and there it stands, unable to move from where it is. If any pray to it, it cannot answer or save them from disaster.