Bible Cross References
a vanity
Ecclesiastes 4:4
I have also learned why people work so hard to succeed: it is because they envy the things their neighbors have. But it is useless. It is like chasing the wind.
Ecclesiastes 4:8
Here is someone who lives alone. He has no son, no brother, yet he is always working, never satisfied with the wealth he has. For whom is he working so hard and denying himself any pleasure? This is useless, too---and a miserable way to live.
Ecclesiastes 9:3
One fate comes to all alike, and this is as wrong as anything that happens in this world. As long as people live, their minds are full of evil and madness, and suddenly they die.
Ecclesiastes 10:5
Here is an injustice I have seen in the world---an injustice caused by rulers.
there be just
Ecclesiastes 2:14
The wise can see where they are going, and fools cannot." But I also know that the same fate is waiting for us all.
Ecclesiastes 7:15
My life has been useless, but in it I have seen everything. Some good people may die while others live on, even though they are evil.
Ecclesiastes 9:1-3
I thought long and hard about all this and saw that God controls the actions of wise and righteous people, even their love and their hate. No one knows anything about what lies ahead.
It makes no difference. The same fate comes to the righteous and the wicked, to the good and the bad, to those who are religious and those who are not, to those who offer sacrifices and those who do not. A good person is no better off than a sinner; one who takes an oath is no better off than one who does not.
One fate comes to all alike, and this is as wrong as anything that happens in this world. As long as people live, their minds are full of evil and madness, and suddenly they die.
Job 9:22-24
(SEE 9:21)
When an innocent person suddenly dies, God laughs.
God gave the world to the wicked. He made all the judges blind. And if God didn't do it, who did?
Job 21:17-34
Was a wicked person's light ever put out? Did one of them ever meet with disaster? Did God ever punish the wicked in anger
and blow them away like straw in the wind, or like dust carried away in a storm?
You claim God punishes a child for the sins of his father. No! Let God punish the sinners themselves; let him show that he does it because of their sins.
Let sinners bear their own punishment; let them feel the wrath of Almighty God.
When our lives are over, do we really care whether our children are happy?
Can anyone teach God, who judges even those in high places?
Some people stay healthy till the day they die; they die happy and at ease, their bodies well-nourished.
(SEE 21:23)
Others have no happiness at all; they live and die with bitter hearts.
But all alike die and are buried; they all are covered with worms.
I know what spiteful thoughts you have.
You ask, "Where are the homes of great people now, those who practiced evil?"
Haven't you talked with people who travel? Don't you know the reports they bring back?
On the day God is angry and punishes, it is the wicked who are always spared.
There is no one to accuse the wicked or pay them back for all they have done.
When they are carried to the graveyard, to their well-guarded tombs,
thousands join the funeral procession, and even the earth lies gently on their bodies.
And you! You try to comfort me with nonsense! Every answer you give is a lie!
Job 24:21-25
That happens because they mistreated widows and showed no kindness to childless women.
God, in his strength, destroys the mighty; God acts---and the wicked die.
God may let them live secure, but keeps an eye on them all the time.
For a while the wicked prosper, but then they wither like weeds, like stalks of grain that have been cut down.
Can anyone deny that this is so? Can anyone prove that my words are not true?
Psalm 73:13
Is it for nothing, then, that I have kept myself pure and have not committed sin?
Psalm 73:14
O God, you have made me suffer all day long; every morning you have punished me.
Malachi 3:15
As we see it, proud people are the ones who are happy. Evil people not only prosper, but they test God's patience with their evil deeds and get away with it.' "