Bible Cross References
Judges 9:14-20
So then all the trees said to the thorn bush, 'You come and be our king.'
The thorn bush answered, 'If you really want to make me your king, then come and take shelter in my shade. If you don't, fire will blaze out of my thorny branches and burn up the cedars of Lebanon.'
"Now then," Jotham continued, "were you really honest and sincere when you made Abimelech king? Did you respect Gideon's memory and treat his family properly, as his actions deserved?
Remember that my father fought for you. He risked his life to save you from the Midianites.
But today you turned against my father's family. You killed his sons---seventy men on a single stone---and just because Abimelech, his son by his servant woman, is your relative, you have made him king of Shechem.
Now then, if what you did today to Gideon and his family was sincere and honest, then be happy with Abimelech and let him be happy with you.
But if not, may fire blaze out from Abimelech and burn up the men of Shechem and Bethmillo. May fire blaze out from the men of Shechem and Bethmillo and burn Abimelech up."
1 Kings 12:13
The king ignored the advice of the older men and spoke harshly to the people,
1 Kings 12:14
as the younger men had advised. He said, "My father placed heavy burdens on you; I will make them even heavier. He beat you with whips; I'll flog you with bullwhips!"
Esther 3:1
Some time later King Xerxes promoted a man named Haman to the position of prime minister. Haman was the son of Hammedatha, a descendant of Agag.
Psalm 12:8
(SEE 12:7)
Proverbs 28:12
When good people come to power, everybody celebrates, but when bad people rule, people stay in hiding.
Proverbs 28:28
People stay in hiding when the wicked come to power. But when they fall from power, the righteous will rule again.
the rich
James 2:3-5
If you show more respect to the well-dressed man and say to him, "Have this best seat here," but say to the poor man, "Stand over there, or sit here on the floor by my feet,"
then you are guilty of creating distinctions among yourselves and of making judgments based on evil motives.
Listen, my dear friends! God chose the poor people of this world to be rich in faith and to possess the kingdom which he promised to those who love him.