Bible Cross References
Song of Songs 1:16
How handsome you are, my dearest; how you delight me! The green grass will be our bed;
Song of Songs 3:7-10
Solomon is coming, carried on his throne; sixty soldiers form the bodyguard, the finest soldiers in Israel.
All of them are skillful with the sword; they are battle-hardened veterans. Each of them is armed with a sword, on guard against a night attack.
King Solomon is carried on a throne made of the finest wood.
Its posts are covered with silver; over it is cloth embroidered with gold. Its cushions are covered with purple cloth, lovingly woven by the women of Jerusalem.
Revelation 2:22
And so I will throw her on a bed where she and those who committed adultery with her will suffer terribly. I will do this now unless they repent of the wicked things they did with her.
1 Kings 10:28
The king's agents controlled the export of horses from Musri and Cilicia,
Isaiah 19:9
Those who make linen cloth will be in despair;
Ezekiel 27:7
Your sails were made of linen, Embroidered linen from Egypt, Easily recognized from afar. Your awnings were made of finest cloth, Of purple from the island of Cyprus.