Bible Cross References
be wise
Proverbs 10:1
These are Solomon's proverbs: Wise children make their fathers proud of them; foolish ones bring their mothers grief.
Proverbs 15:20
Wise children make their fathers happy. Only fools despise their mothers.
Proverbs 23:15
My child, if you become wise, I will be very happy.
Proverbs 23:16
I will be proud when I hear you speaking words of wisdom.
Proverbs 23:24
A righteous person's parents have good reason to be happy. You can take pride in a wise child.
Proverbs 23:25
Let your father and mother be proud of you; give your mother that happiness.
Ecclesiastes 2:18-21
Nothing that I had worked for and earned meant a thing to me, because I knew that I would have to leave it to my successor,
and he might be wise, or he might be foolish---who knows? Yet he will own everything I have worked for, everything my wisdom has earned for me in this world. It is all useless.
So I came to regret that I had worked so hard.
You work for something with all your wisdom, knowledge, and skill, and then you have to leave it all to someone who hasn't had to work for it. It is useless, and it isn't right!
Philemon 1:7
Your love, dear brother, has brought me great joy and much encouragement! You have cheered the hearts of all of God's people.
Philemon 1:19
Here, I will write this with my own hand: I, Paul, will pay you back. (I should not have to remind you, of course, that you owe your very self to me.)
Philemon 1:20
So, my brother, please do me this favor for the Lord's sake; as a brother in Christ, cheer me up!
2 John 1:4
How happy I was to find that some of your children live in the truth, just as the Father commanded us.
that I
Psalm 119:42
Then I can answer those who insult me because I trust in your word.
Psalm 127:4
The sons a man has when he is young are like arrows in a soldier's hand.
Psalm 127:5
Happy is the man who has many such arrows. He will never be defeated when he meets his enemies in the place of judgment.