Bible Cross References
Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.
2 Chronicles 28:20
The Assyrian emperor, instead of helping Ahaz, opposed him and caused him trouble.
2 Chronicles 28:21
So Ahaz took the gold from the Temple, the palace, and the homes of the leaders of the people, and gave it to the emperor, but even this did not help.
Job 6:14-20
In trouble like this I need loyal friends--- whether I've forsaken God or not.
But you, my friends, you deceive me like streams that go dry when no rain comes.
The streams are choked with snow and ice,
but in the heat they disappear, and the stream beds lie bare and dry.
Caravans get lost looking for water; they wander and die in the desert.
Caravans from Sheba and Tema search,
but their hope dies beside dry streams.
Isaiah 30:1-3
The LORD has spoken: "Those who rule Judah are doomed because they rebel against me. They follow plans that I did not make, and sign treaties against my will, piling one sin on another.
They go to Egypt for help without asking for my advice. They want Egypt to protect them, so they put their trust in Egypt's king.
But the king will be powerless to help them, and Egypt's protection will end in disaster.
Isaiah 36:6
You are expecting Egypt to help you, but that would be like using a reed as a walking stick---it would break and would jab your hand. That is what the king of Egypt is like when anyone relies on him."
Ezekiel 29:6
Then all the people of Egypt will know that I am the LORD." The LORD says, "The Israelites relied on you Egyptians for support, but you were no better than a weak stick.
Ezekiel 29:7
When they leaned on you, you broke, pierced their armpits, and made them wrench their backs.
2 Timothy 4:16
No one stood by me the first time I defended myself; all deserted me. May God not count it against them!