Bible Cross References
Proverbs 3:33
The LORD puts a curse on the homes of the wicked, but blesses the homes of the righteous.
Proverbs 12:7
The wicked meet their downfall and leave no descendants, but the families of the righteous live on.
Proverbs 21:12
God, the righteous one, knows what goes on in the homes of the wicked, and he will bring the wicked down to ruin.
Job 8:15
If they lean on a web, will it hold them up? If they grab for a thread, will it help them stand?"
Job 15:34
There will be no descendants for godless people, and fire will destroy the homes built by bribery.
Job 18:14
They are torn from the tents where they lived secure, and are dragged off to face King Death.
Job 18:15
Now anyone may live in their tents--- after sulfur is sprinkled to disinfect them!
Job 18:21
That is the fate of evil people, the fate of those who care nothing for God.
Job 20:26-28
Everything they have saved is destroyed; a fire not lit by human hands burns them and all their family.
Heaven reveals their sin, and the earth gives testimony against them.
All their wealth will be destroyed in the flood of God's anger.
Job 21:28
You ask, "Where are the homes of great people now, those who practiced evil?"
Job 27:13-23
This is how Almighty God punishes wicked, violent people.
They may have many sons, but all will be killed in war; their children never have enough to eat.
Those who survive will die from disease, and even their widows will not mourn their death.
The wicked may have too much silver to count and more clothes than anyone needs;
but some good person will wear the clothes, and someone honest will get the silver.
The wicked build houses like a spider's web or like the hut of a slave guarding the fields.
One last time they will lie down rich, and when they wake up, they will find their wealth gone.
Terror will strike like a sudden flood; a wind in the night will blow them away;
the east wind will sweep them from their homes;
it will blow down on them without pity while they try their best to escape.
The wind howls at them as they run, frightening them with destructive power.
Zechariah 5:4
The LORD Almighty says that he will send this curse out, and it will enter the house of every thief and the house of everyone who tells lies under oath. It will remain in their houses and leave them in ruins."
Matthew 7:26
"But anyone who hears these words of mine and does not obey them is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.
Matthew 7:27
The rain poured down, the rivers flooded over, the wind blew hard against that house, and it fell. And what a terrible fall that was!"
the tabernacle
Proverbs 11:28
Those who depend on their wealth will fall like the leaves of autumn, but the righteous will prosper like the leaves of summer.
Proverbs 21:20
Wise people live in wealth and luxury, but stupid people spend their money as fast as they get it.
Job 8:6
if you are so honest and pure, then God will come and help you and restore your household as your reward.
Psalm 112:2
The good man's children will be powerful in the land; his descendants will be blessed.
Psalm 112:3
His family will be wealthy and rich, and he will be prosperous forever.
Psalm 128:3
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine in your home, and your children will be like young olive trees around your table.
Isaiah 58:11
And I will always guide you and satisfy you with good things. I will keep you strong and well. You will be like a garden that has plenty of water, like a spring of water that never goes dry.
Isaiah 58:12
Your people will rebuild what has long been in ruins, building again on the old foundations. You will be known as the people who rebuilt the walls, who restored the ruined houses."