Bible Cross References
I will
Hosea 10:2
The people whose hearts are deceitful must now suffer for their sins. God will break down their altars and destroy their sacred pillars.
Exodus 8:8
The king called for Moses and Aaron and said, "Pray to the LORD to take away these frogs, and I will let your people go, so that they can offer sacrifices to the LORD."
Exodus 8:29
Moses answered, "As soon as I leave, I will pray to the LORD that tomorrow the flies will leave you, your officials, and your people. But you must not deceive us again and prevent the people from going to sacrifice to the LORD."
Exodus 9:28
Pray to the LORD! We have had enough of this thunder and hail! I promise to let you go; you don't have to stay here any longer."
Exodus 10:17
Now forgive my sin this one time and pray to the LORD your God to take away this fatal punishment from me."
1 Kings 13:6
King Jeroboam said to the prophet, "Please pray for me to the LORD your God, and ask him to heal my arm!" The prophet prayed to the LORD, and the king's arm was healed.
Ezra 6:10
This is to be done so that they can offer sacrifices that are acceptable to the God of Heaven and pray for his blessing on me and my sons.
Ecclesiastes 6:10
Everything that happens was already determined long ago, and we all know that you cannot argue with someone who is stronger than you.
Acts 8:24
Simon said to Peter and John, "Please pray to the Lord for me, so that none of these things you spoke of will happen to me."