Bible Cross References
Leviticus 21:10
"The High Priest has had the anointing oil poured on his head and has been consecrated to wear the priestly garments, so he must not leave his hair uncombed or tear his clothes to show that he is in mourning.
Matthew 7:6
"Do not give what is holy to dogs---they will only turn and attack you. Do not throw your pearls in front of pigs---they will only trample them underfoot.
it is
Exodus 30:25
and make a sacred anointing oil, mixed like perfume.
Exodus 30:37
Do not use the same formula to make any incense like it for yourselves. Treat it as a holy thing dedicated to me.
Exodus 30:38
If anyone makes any like it for use as perfume, he will no longer be considered one of my people."