Bible Cross References
forty sockets of silver
Exodus 26:25
So there will be eight frames with their sixteen silver bases, two under each frame.
Exodus 26:37
For this curtain make five posts of acacia wood covered with gold and fitted with gold hooks; make five bronze bases for these posts.
Exodus 27:10
supported by twenty bronze posts in twenty bronze bases, with hooks and rods made of silver.
Exodus 27:12-18
On the west side there are to be curtains 25 yards long, with ten posts and ten bases.
On the east side, where the entrance is, the enclosure is also to be 25 yards wide.
On each side of the entrance there are to be 7 1/2 yards of curtains, with three posts and three bases.
(SEE 27:14)
For the entrance itself there is to be a curtain 10 yards long made of fine linen woven with blue, purple, and red wool, and decorated with embroidery. It is to be supported by four posts in four bases.
All the posts around the enclosure are to be connected with silver rods, and their hooks are to be made of silver and their bases of bronze.
The enclosure is to be 50 yards long, 25 yards wide, and 2 1/2 yards high. The curtains are to be made of fine linen and the bases of bronze.
Exodus 36:24-26
and forty silver bases to go under them, two bases under each frame to hold its two projections.
They made twenty frames for the north side of the Tent
and forty silver bases, two under each frame.
Exodus 38:27
Of the silver, 7,500 pounds were used to make the hundred bases for the sacred Tent and for the curtain, 75 pounds for each base.
Exodus 38:30
With it he made the bases for the entrance of the Tent of the LORD's presence, the bronze altar with its bronze grating, all the equipment for the altar,
Exodus 38:31
the bases for the surrounding enclosure and for the entrance of the enclosure, and all the pegs for the Tent and the surrounding enclosure.
Exodus 40:18
Moses put down its bases, set up its frames, attached its crossbars, and put up its posts.
Numbers 3:36
They were assigned responsibility for the frames for the Tent, its bars, posts, bases, and all its fittings. They were responsible for all the service connected with these items.
Numbers 4:31
They shall be responsible for carrying the frames, bars, posts, and bases of the Tent,
Numbers 4:32
and the posts, bases, pegs, and ropes of the court around the Tent, with all the fittings used in setting them up. Each man will be responsible for carrying specific items.
Song of Songs 5:15
His thighs are columns of alabaster set in sockets of gold. He is majestic, like the Lebanon Mountains with their towering cedars.