Bible Cross References
Psalm 89:28
I will always keep my promise to him, and my covenant with him will last forever.
Psalm 89:29
His dynasty will be as permanent as the sky; a descendant of his will always be king.
2 Chronicles 10:19
Ever since that time the people of the northern kingdom of Israel have been in rebellion against the dynasty of David.
Isaiah 63:18
We, your holy people, were driven out by our enemies for a little while; they trampled down your sanctuary.
Psalm 44:15
I am always in disgrace; I am covered with shame
Psalm 109:29
May my enemies be covered with disgrace; may they wear their shame like a robe.
Micah 7:10
Then our enemies will see this and be disgraced---the same enemies who taunted us by asking, "Where is the LORD your God?" We will see them defeated, trampled down like mud in the streets.