Bible Cross References
Psalm 44:9-26
But now you have rejected us and let us be defeated; you no longer march out with our armies.
You made us run from our enemies, and they took for themselves what was ours.
You allowed us to be slaughtered like sheep; you scattered us in foreign countries.
You sold your own people for a small price as though they had little value.
Our neighbors see what you did to us, and they mock us and laugh at us.
You have made us a joke among the nations; they shake their heads at us in scorn.
I am always in disgrace; I am covered with shame
from hearing the sneers and insults of my enemies and those who hate me.
All this has happened to us, even though we have not forgotten you or broken the covenant you made with us.
We have not been disloyal to you; we have not disobeyed your commands.
Yet you left us helpless among wild animals; you abandoned us in deepest darkness.
If we had stopped worshiping our God and prayed to a foreign god,
you would surely have discovered it, because you know our secret thoughts.
But it is on your account that we are being killed all the time, that we are treated like sheep to be slaughtered.
Wake up, Lord! Why are you asleep? Rouse yourself ! Don't reject us forever!
Why are you hiding from us? Don't forget our suffering and trouble!
We fall crushed to the ground; we lie defeated in the dust.
Come to our aid! Because of your constant love save us!
Psalm 60:1
You have rejected us, God, and defeated us; you have been angry with us---but now turn back to us.
Psalm 60:10
Have you really rejected us? Aren't you going to march out with our armies?
Psalm 77:7
"Will the Lord always reject us? Will he never again be pleased with us?
1 Chronicles 28:9
And to Solomon he said, "My son, I charge you to acknowledge your father's God and to serve him with an undivided heart and a willing mind. He knows all our thoughts and desires. If you go to him, he will accept you; but if you turn away from him, he will abandon you forever.
Jeremiah 12:1
" LORD, if I argued my case with you, you would prove to be right. Yet I must question you about matters of justice. Why are the wicked so prosperous? Why do dishonest people succeed?
Hosea 9:17
The God I serve will reject his people, because they have not listened to him. They will become wanderers among the nations.
Psalm 78:59
God was angry when he saw it, so he rejected his people completely.
Psalm 106:40
So the LORD was angry with his people; he was disgusted with them.
Deuteronomy 32:19
"When the LORD saw this, he was angry and rejected his sons and daughters.
Lamentations 2:7
The Lord rejected his altar and deserted his holy Temple; He allowed the enemy to tear down its walls. They shouted in victory where once we had worshiped in joy.
Zechariah 11:8
I lost patience with three other shepherds, who hated me, and I got rid of them all in a single month.
Psalm 89:51
Your enemies insult your chosen king, O LORD! They insult him wherever he goes.
Psalm 84:9
Bless our king, O God, the king you have chosen.
2 Samuel 1:21
"May no rain or dew fall on Gilboa's hills; may its fields be always barren! For the shields of the brave lie there in disgrace; the shield of Saul is no longer polished with oil.
2 Samuel 15:26
But if he isn't pleased with me---well, then, let him do to me what he wishes."
2 Chronicles 12:1-12
As soon as Rehoboam had established his authority as king, he and all his people abandoned the Law of the LORD.
In the fifth year of Rehoboam's reign their disloyalty to the LORD was punished. King Shishak of Egypt attacked Jerusalem
with an army of twelve hundred chariots, sixty thousand cavalry, and more soldiers than could be counted, including Libyan, Sukkite, and Ethiopian troops.
He captured the fortified cities of Judah and advanced as far as Jerusalem.
Shemaiah the prophet went to King Rehoboam and the Judean leaders who had gathered in Jerusalem to escape Shishak. He said to them, "This is the LORD's message to you: 'You have abandoned me, so now I have abandoned you to Shishak.' "
The king and the leaders admitted that they had sinned, and they said, "What the LORD is doing is just."
When the LORD saw this, he spoke again to Shemaiah and said to him, "Because they admit their sin, I will not destroy them. But when Shishak attacks, they will barely survive. Jerusalem will not feel the full force of my anger,
but Shishak will conquer them, and they will learn the difference between serving me and serving earthly rulers."
King Shishak came to Jerusalem and took the treasures from the Temple and from the palace. He took everything, including the gold shields that King Solomon had made.
To replace them, Rehoboam made bronze shields and entrusted them to the officers responsible for guarding the palace gates.
Every time the king went to the Temple, the guards carried the shields and then returned them to the guardroom.
Because he submitted to the LORD, the LORD's anger did not completely destroy him, and things went well for Judah.
Lamentations 4:20
They captured the source of our life, the king the LORD had chosen, the one we had trusted to protect us from every invader.
Zechariah 13:7
The LORD Almighty says, "Wake up, sword, and attack the shepherd who works for me! Kill him, and the sheep will be scattered. I will attack my people