Bible Cross References
I was
Psalm 37:1
Don't be worried on account of the wicked; don't be jealous of those who do wrong.
Psalm 37:7
Be patient and wait for the LORD to act; don't be worried about those who prosper or those who succeed in their evil plans.
Job 21:7
Why does God let evil people live, let them grow old and prosper?
Proverbs 3:31
Don't be jealous of violent people or decide to act as they do,
Proverbs 24:1
Don't be envious of evil people, and don't try to make friends with them.
Jeremiah 12:1
" LORD, if I argued my case with you, you would prove to be right. Yet I must question you about matters of justice. Why are the wicked so prosperous? Why do dishonest people succeed?
James 4:5
Don't think that there is no truth in the scripture that says, "The spirit that God placed in us is filled with fierce desires."