Bible Cross References
I am
Psalm 40:17
I am weak and poor, O Lord, but you have not forgotten me. You are my savior and my God--- hurry to my aid!
Psalm 69:29
But I am in pain and despair; lift me up, O God, and save me!
Psalm 109:22
I am poor and needy; I am hurt to the depths of my heart.
Psalm 141:1
I call to you, LORD; help me now! Listen to me when I call to you.
O Lord
Psalm 13:1
How much longer will you forget me, LORD? Forever? How much longer will you hide yourself from me?
Psalm 13:2
How long must I endure trouble? How long will sorrow fill my heart day and night? How long will my enemies triumph over me?
Hebrews 10:37
For, as the scripture says, "Just a little while longer, and he who is coming will come; he will not delay.
Revelation 22:20
He who gives his testimony to all this says, "Yes indeed! I am coming soon!" So be it. Come, Lord Jesus!