Bible Cross References
Psalm 25:16
Turn to me, LORD, and be merciful to me, because I am lonely and weak.
Psalm 25:17
Relieve me of my worries and save me from all my troubles.
1 Samuel 6:5
You must make these models of the tumors and of the mice that are ravaging your country, and you must give honor to the God of Israel. Perhaps he will stop punishing you, your gods, and your land.
Job 9:34
Stop punishing me, God! Keep your terrors away!
Job 13:21
stop punishing me, and don't crush me with terror.
I am consumed
Psalm 38:3
Because of your anger, I am in great pain; my whole body is diseased because of my sins.
Psalm 38:4
I am drowning in the flood of my sins; they are a burden too heavy to bear.
Job 40:8
Are you trying to prove that I am unjust--- to put me in the wrong and yourself in the right?