Bible Cross References
Psalm 37:35
I once knew someone wicked who was a tyrant; he towered over everyone like a cedar of Lebanon;
Psalm 37:36
but later I passed by, and he wasn't there; I looked for him, but couldn't find him.
Psalm 55:23
But you, O God, will bring those murderers and liars to their graves before half their life is over. As for me, I will trust in you.
Job 20:23-29
Let them eat all they want! God will punish them in fury and anger.
When they try to escape from an iron sword, a bronze bow will shoot them down.
Arrows stick through their bodies; the shiny points drip with their blood, and terror grips their hearts.
Everything they have saved is destroyed; a fire not lit by human hands burns them and all their family.
Heaven reveals their sin, and the earth gives testimony against them.
All their wealth will be destroyed in the flood of God's anger.
This is the fate of wicked people, the fate that God assigns to them.
Job 27:13
This is how Almighty God punishes wicked, violent people.
Job 27:14-23
They may have many sons, but all will be killed in war; their children never have enough to eat.
Those who survive will die from disease, and even their widows will not mourn their death.
The wicked may have too much silver to count and more clothes than anyone needs;
but some good person will wear the clothes, and someone honest will get the silver.
The wicked build houses like a spider's web or like the hut of a slave guarding the fields.
One last time they will lie down rich, and when they wake up, they will find their wealth gone.
Terror will strike like a sudden flood; a wind in the night will blow them away;
the east wind will sweep them from their homes;
it will blow down on them without pity while they try their best to escape.
The wind howls at them as they run, frightening them with destructive power.
Psalm 37:11
but the humble will possess the land and enjoy prosperity and peace.
Psalm 37:12
The wicked plot against good people and glare at them with hate.
Psalm 37:29
The righteous will possess the land and live in it forever.
Psalm 25:13
They will always be prosperous, and their children will possess the land.
Isaiah 58:14
then you will find the joy that comes from serving me. I will make you honored all over the world, and you will enjoy the land I gave to your ancestor, Jacob. I, the LORD, have spoken."
Isaiah 60:21
Your people will all do what is right, And will possess the land forever. I planted them, I made them, To reveal my greatness to all.
Hebrews 11:16
Instead, it was a better country they longed for, the heavenly country. And so God is not ashamed for them to call him their God, because he has prepared a city for them.
Revelation 5:10
You have made them a kingdom of priests to serve our God, and they shall rule on earth."