Bible Cross References
A. M. 2942. B.C. 1062. Deliver
Psalm 43:1
O God, declare me innocent, and defend my cause against the ungodly; deliver me from lying and evil people!
Psalm 59:1-3
Save me from my enemies, my God; protect me from those who attack me!
Save me from those evil people; rescue me from those murderers!
Look! They are waiting to kill me; cruel people are gathering against me. It is not because of any sin or wrong I have done,
Psalm 71:4
My God, rescue me from wicked people, from the power of cruel and evil people.
violent man
Psalm 140:4
Protect me, LORD, from the power of the wicked; keep me safe from violent people who plot my downfall.
Psalm 140:11
May those who accuse others falsely not succeed; may evil overtake violent people and destroy them.
Psalm 18:48
and saves me from my foes. O LORD, you give me victory over my enemies and protect me from violent people.
Habakkuk 1:2
O LORD, how long must I call for help before you listen, before you save us from violence?
Habakkuk 1:3
Why do you make me see such trouble? How can you stand to look on such wrongdoing? Destruction and violence are all around me, and there is fighting and quarreling everywhere.